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Changing Priorities

Andrew Gascoigne / Owner

“Retail sales via online devices doubled from £1.5 Billion to £3 Billion last year. This trend is unlikely to stop.”

“Last year 74% of internet users used mobiles devices to access the internet and this is expected to rise to 91% by 2017.”

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Keith Oates
Owner at Oates Consultancy

ASG Media created my business website in February 2011 – it was good, quick and  professional, but where we’ve really benefited is by keeping working with Andy to update our site, create new sites, improve our SEO and keep on growing. It’s more than a service, it’s a working partnership. Winner.

Our Visions


Not just a web design company

Creating the right online marketing presence for you.

Stand out from that crowd and get it right with ASG Media.
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